Every Woman Is A Work Of Art - Kate Cornfoot Photography

A year ago, I set out to create a series of images that explored and celebrated my belief that every woman is a work of art.

I wanted to create a series of images that showed that beauty is far more expansive than we’re led to believe in our mainstream media/culture. Perhaps, too, I sought to address the body-hate, body-shame and body-envy that is so prevalent - something that I’ve been more and more aware of and concerned about as a woman, since becoming a mother to a young girl who will have to navigate her own way through these issues. 

What if every woman is a work of art? Every person? What if ‘beautiful’ is not the result of dieting/surgery/punishing physical activity, but the simple acceptance that no one else gets to be me, so I’m going to embrace it?

Along the way, I found a group of incredible women who were prepared to participate in my project - women of different ages (30s through to late 70s), different body types, different backgrounds, different sexualities and different feelings about their own beauty.

Having always loved the paintings of Monet, I decided to ‘paint’ these women with a famous Monet painting, effectively turning them into a work of art (but perhaps more importantly, revealing the work of art they already are).

Here, I present to you these works of art. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and love to these incredible women for trusting me in my vision. 

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