A Super Sunday Family Hang - Kate Cornfoot Photography Brisbane families and children's photographer

In a former life, maaaaaaaany years ago, I ran the student theatre company at UQ. We decided to stage a post-apocalyptic musical (as you do), written by my then-crush and now-husband, Ben. We needed a musical director and that's when we met this awesome lady, Jen.

In the ensuing years, Jen married Jamie, another hugely talented musician and software designer. Jamie is blind and has created NVDA, a screen reader for people who are blind to turn visual internet content into accessible content.

Jen has also set up her own business, Hush Little Baby music classes, for babies and toddlers. My littlest munchkin and I have been attending for a few weeks now and we LOVE the class.

These super busy people also found the time to create two gorgeous little humans! 

I got to hang out with all of them, including Jen's sister, one beautiful Sunday morning.