Best laid plans...

It was a stunning morning in the Centenary suburbs. Too early for it to be hot just yet, I corralled the kids and the husband into the car and set off for our river walk. I had this grand plan to do a bit of a mini-photo shoot with the kids in the beautiful surrounds of the Brisbane River and its bushy banks. Being a documentary photographer, my aim is to document life as it is - the relationships, the people, the emotions, the story of that family or couple or person. I knew I wanted to take a couple of traditional shots too, ones that were a little more set up but showcased how pretty our part of the world is with my little munchkins in the thick of it. Then I captured this:

I felt disappointed initially. This is not the happy-child, happy-family moment I was trying to capture for all time! But when I brought the images home and viewed this one on my computer screen, I loved it instantly.

Because this is real!

My daughter's strong mind, determination and resistance to put on a smile and 'play nice' are all things I love about her. They are things I hope she retains her whole life. I may not have gotten my happy memories that morning, but I definitely captured a real moment, one I will be able to look back on fondly when she is all grown up and I miss her folded arms and pouty lips and furrowed brow.

Here's some more real moments I've captured and LOVE!