Mondays with Noah - Kate Cornfoot Photography brisbane childrens and families photographer

Mondays with Noah has begun.

Each Monday, we're going to do something fun together. Something oriented around Noah and where he's at. I've become really mindful lately of how quickly time passes, how each day my kids are different and older. So this is my pledge to Noah to make Monday mornings Noah-time.

Sometimes I'll post videos of what we get up to. Sometimes a photo. And sometimes, I'll just savour our little hang-out all to myself! 

And not to leave my biggest munchkin out, we've got our own weekly 'date' set too.

I'm hoping, as time goes on, that my filming skills will get better (hello, Shaky Camera Hands!). It's a wonderful project for me to feel creative, learn some new skills, while also documenting Precious Childhood Memories.

Here goes!

Four Families Friday - Kate Cornfoot Photography brisbane families and children's photographer

The clouds were looming last Friday afternoon, hinting at rain, denying us that sweet, sweet sunshine. 

But it didn't matter.

Sure, the little slivers of sunshine we got were sublime. But even after the clouds rolled in again, we got down to the Business of Being on Little People Time. 

Slower. Playing. Singing nursery rhymes. At times laughing, and at other times, soulfully serious, considering the mysterious things that Little People think about.

It was fun, it always is, meeting new families and being on Little People Time.

So enjoy!