Four Families Friday - Kate Cornfoot Photography brisbane families and children's photographer

The clouds were looming last Friday afternoon, hinting at rain, denying us that sweet, sweet sunshine. 

But it didn't matter.

Sure, the little slivers of sunshine we got were sublime. But even after the clouds rolled in again, we got down to the Business of Being on Little People Time. 

Slower. Playing. Singing nursery rhymes. At times laughing, and at other times, soulfully serious, considering the mysterious things that Little People think about.

It was fun, it always is, meeting new families and being on Little People Time.

So enjoy!


Mummas in the Park - Kate Cornfoot Photography Brisbane families and children's photographer

When I was a brand-new mummy, I had the great fortune to meet an awesome bunch of women and form a mothers' group with them. We drank tea together, ate loads of baked goods, cried together, laughed together, celebrated our baby's milestones together, and more than anything else - gave each other the ongoing feeling that I Am Not Alone On This Mothering Journey. 

Mothers' groups are worth their weight in gold.

Last week, I met this group of beautiful women and their adorable bubs. We had a fun, relaxing morning at New Farm Park, took some photos, laughed a lot, and it made me remember all over again how precious that new-baby time in your life is.

Easter Long Weekend

We had blue skies and loads of sunshine.

We hunted for Easter eggs and chocolate carrots and ate till our tummies swelled.

We flew kites and played on the beach and enjoyed our time with family and friends.