Vicki and John Get Married! - Kate Cornfoot Photography brisbane and gold coast wedding photographer

What an incredible day.

Every element of Vicki and John's special day was joyous. From the getting ready, to the beach ceremony in Currumbin, to the raucous, happy party afterwards upstairs at the surf club, there was a palpable vibe of fun and soooo much love. 

Grab a cup of tea, settle in, and enjoy the story of Vicki and John's wedding day.


Mondays with Noah - Kate Cornfoot Photography brisbane childrens and families photographer

Mondays with Noah has begun.

Each Monday, we're going to do something fun together. Something oriented around Noah and where he's at. I've become really mindful lately of how quickly time passes, how each day my kids are different and older. So this is my pledge to Noah to make Monday mornings Noah-time.

Sometimes I'll post videos of what we get up to. Sometimes a photo. And sometimes, I'll just savour our little hang-out all to myself! 

And not to leave my biggest munchkin out, we've got our own weekly 'date' set too.

I'm hoping, as time goes on, that my filming skills will get better (hello, Shaky Camera Hands!). It's a wonderful project for me to feel creative, learn some new skills, while also documenting Precious Childhood Memories.

Here goes!